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Ballet Class, Edgar Degas, 1881

Ballet Class, Edgar Degas, 1881

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Ballet Class - Degas. 81.6x76.5

To draw attention to the main thing on this canvas, the artist painted a bright yellow belt and the same bright pointe shoes by the ballerina on the left. But this turned out to be not enough, and therefore Degas, wishing to enhance the effect, divides the picture diagonally into two almost equal parts - into a sublime, fluttering, bright left and chaotic, crumpled right. Between these "poles" - an empty space that is not filled with any detail - one of the many "hooligan" tricks of the master.

Before us is another mystery of a great artist and connoisseur of the backstage life of bohemia. In the corner of the dance class, far from the viewer, three girls are rehearsing, not paying attention to their old, bald, short stature teacher, unsure of himself and barely noticeable behind the figures of girls adjusting their dresses. Girls are too absorbed in their occupation and, according to the author’s intention, “fall out” over the edge of the canvas. A woman in a blue dress sitting on a chair reading a newspaper has nothing to do with what is happening - she is just an ironic addition to the picture.

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