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Temple of the Holy Family, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Temple of the Holy Family, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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What can be built in 144 years? Much ... Everything would be faster and easier if this unfinished building were not connected with the most fantastic and grandiose project of the great architect Antonio Gaudi.

For 43 years, the Church of the Holy Family was not just his work, it was his life. To date, the temple is not completed to the end. According to preliminary estimates, the final work will be completed only by 2026. In 2010, the pope consecrated Sagrada Familiaas the temple is commonly called in all the languages ​​of the world, since then, worship has been regularly held here.

Ticket price

Visitors are allowed from 9 to 18 hours. You can get to the towers of the cathedral for an additional fee (elevators work in the absence of strong wind and rain), here is the Gaudi house-museum, a school building for the children of the temple builders. Ticket price: church - 14.80 euros, church and towers - 19.30 euros, Gaudi's house - 6.80 euros, Gaudi's church and house - 18.30 euros. If you want to use an audio guide, a ticket will cost 4-5 euros more. You will also have to pay extra for guide services. According to statistics, this particular church is the most visited place in the whole of Spain by tourists, even the Prado Museum is inferior.

What do tourists want to see here, hundreds of thousands coming here at any time of the year?

In Sagrada Familia there is a museum dedicated to the construction of the church, where you can get acquainted with all the stages of the construction of the temple, get acquainted with projects, drawings, mock-ups. The church itself periodically hosts concerts, music festivals.

There is an architecture school for students at the temple. Different styles, cultural monuments of Catalonia, its artistic heritage are studied here. Children can be enrolled in the lessons on a weekly basis, having previously selected the program and the amount of education.

Over the entire construction period, a huge archive has gathered in the church, which is actively used not only by art historians, but also by students of architectural departments.

The sum of the rows, columns and diagonals gives the number 33 - the number of years of the life of Christ

The most important thing is the church itself. This is not to be found anywhere in the world. Already appearance is a revelation. The architect managed to create a structure so bold, unusual, unexpected and complex that a careful study of all the facades, towers, porticos, sculptures can take several years. It is known that the author of the project and the head of construction work was a perfectionist. It is worth paying attention to the sculptural group depicting the beating of infants. For greater reality, the architect took casts of stillborn babies, for which he worked for many months in hospital morgues. The result exceeded the wildest expectations.

The design of the church itself is filled with symbols, the decryption of which is carried out by numerous guides, guides and accompanying texts. Tourists are better off using an audio guide, then Gaudi’s complex and ornate language will be understandable to everyone.

Temple towers - one of the components of the tour. You can climb them up the stairs, you can use the old elevator. From the top of the Sagrada Familia opens Barcelona in all its ancient glory.

The modest school building at the main entrance is a miracle of architectural thought. Deprived of load-bearing walls, it stands firmly due to the original mathematical solutions of the architect.

The interior of the temple is just as unusual and complex. Stained-glass windows, intricate columns, reliefs, murals, altars - everything here is unusual, not easy, interesting. The acoustics are great, so the concerts in this place are so popular.

Scaffolding and construction cranes surrounding the church are perceived as its continuation, an integral part of the author’s fantastic design. Recently, various organizations have been demanding an end to the construction of the Sagrada Familia. The arguments are as follows: modern architects are not geniuses at all, their additions to the Gaudi project only disfigure it. Disputes do not subside, but a church is being built.

When Antonio Gaudi was asked when the construction of the temple would end, he usually answered: I do not know. My customer is in no hurry.
Sagrada Familia has long been the embodiment of Barcelona itself. The temple is like a few giants in prayer who raised their long and thin hands to heaven.

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