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Steppe with Chumaks in the evening, Savrasov, 1854

Steppe with Chumaks in the evening, Savrasov, 1854

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Steppe with Chumaks in the evening - Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov. Canvas, oil

It was this work that made the author famous and popular in the art world of Russia in the mid-19th century. She acquired a job for her mansion and wished to personally meet with an unknown owner of a drawing teacher diploma. The very next day, the author woke up famous. What so struck the royal person?

The steppe falls asleep. The sun was wrapped in red clouds at the very edge of the horizon. The sky was flooded with orange light, which, moving away from the star, crumbles into colder colors. Under this heavenly splendor a group of Chumak merchants settles down for the night. A leisurely conversation, a steppe bonfire, on which porridge in a pot boils, everything is subordinated to the slow, lazy rhythm of the evening. In the distance, against the backdrop of a perfectly smooth steppe, crosses of windmills grow. Soon everything will fall asleep before the first rays of the morning sun.

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