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Woman in a Cart, Serov, 1896

Woman in a Cart, Serov, 1896

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The woman in the cart is Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov. 48x70

One of the most controversial and underrated paintings of the great master. It is worth taking a closer look at it and the author’s idea and his thoughts gradually begin to unfold.

A thin little horse harnessed to a heavy cart barely wanders. The most inexplicable in the picture is the tangible slow movement that the author managed to convey.

The woman in the cart is thoughtful, sad. This thoughtfulness fills all the work with a unique atmosphere. Avaricious, modest means, a minimal set of colors cost the master. Despite this, the contemplation of the autumn landscape against the backdrop of work pushes the viewer to reflect on the transience of life, on difficulties and difficult times. The road itself, full of bumps and stones, suddenly filled with symbolic meaning. Time seems to slow down. The work captivates the viewer, reveals the true talent of the author, his ingenious idea.

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