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House of Invalids, Paris, France

House of Invalids, Paris, France

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The Paris House of Invalids is one of the most visited museum complexes in Paris. There were enough wars, but no one solved the problem of retired military and disabled people.

Like most of Louis’s projects, the House of Invalids turned out to be extraordinary. The capricious king even replaced the architect, dissatisfied with the decor of the cathedral.

The first residents of the House of Disabled took in after 4 years, although the construction was finally completed only after 30 years.

The most amazing thing is that veterans and invalids of the Second World War still live here. The truth is not 4000, as it once was, but only about a hundred.

Today, the House of Disabled People is primarily a museum. And not one.

One of the most attractive places for tourists from all over the world in the House of Invalids is tomb of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The sarcophagus with the remains of the great commander is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists. In addition to Napoleon himself, his brothers Joseph and Jerome are buried here, as well as the son of the Emperor Napoleon (Napoleonovich, of course).

Here you can see the graves of many marshals of France, as well as the grave of the author of Marseillaise Claude de Lily.

The museum's cathedral is the most beautiful and most recognizable part of it. Chic paintings, sculptural groups of famous masters, a gilded dome, impressive size. There is something to admire.

Nearby, in the former building of the soldier’s church, chamber music concerts are taking place.

There are several museums on the territory of the House of Invalids. The Museum of Plans and Reliefs offers viewers to explore about a hundred old-fashioned models, relief maps, and the like. This museum is the oldest in the house.

Army Museum

A magnificent collection of weapons and armor from the most ancient times. But the most interesting thing in the museum is the collection of toy soldiers. 150 thousand tin, cardboard, lead warriors of various origins, in different uniforms. The impression is strong!

The section of fine art of the museum is rich. Painting, sculpture, drawings, prints. The artillery section was once an independent museum. Here are guns for 600 years of the existence of this type of weapon.

Museum of the Order of Liberation

The museum exposition is dedicated to the Order established by Charles de Gaulle. Collection of orders, other awards. We have previously described this museum in detail on our website. Information about him can be found here.

Charles de Gaulle Museum

This is the museum of the greatest president. His manuscripts, personal belongings, awards. In a separate room you can watch a film about the liberator of France. The newest of the museums of the house. In addition, the most interactive and high-tech.

Museum of Modern History acquaints the public with the history of France of the 20th century. The main exhibits are posters, photographs, postcards, paintings. It is surprising how much information can be gleaned from a simple postcard or poster.

The whole complex is open to visitors from ten to six. Entrance ticket 9.5 euros. Benefits are provided for many categories of visitors. If you are a war invalid, a military man (in uniform!), Bought a museum map of Paris, you will pass for free.

In addition to all museums, the House of Persons with Disabilities constantly hosts two large temporary exhibitions for which you need to buy a separate ticket, you can purchase a comprehensive ticket for 12 euros, giving access to all museums, the cathedral and all exhibitions.

A visit to the House of Invalids will leave the most vivid impression, you can be sure of that.

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