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The genius of art, Bryullov

The genius of art, Bryullov

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The genius of art - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. 62x62

Exemplary student work. The author portrays the mastermind of art as a beautifully built winged youth in a relaxed position.

Flawless, classic facial features make the hero as flawlessly impersonal, devoid of personality, as befits a deity, the inhabitant of the world of immortals. The hero’s head is surrounded by radiance - a symbol of insight, without which any creativity is unthinkable.

The genius is surrounded by characteristic attributes: lyre, book, laurel wreaths, palette, capital of the classical column, sculptor's hammer, architectural design, compass.

Red drapery gives the composition a certain energy and warmth. The emotionality of the sculptural head of Laocoon is contrasted with the emotional neutrality of a genius. The author, therefore, contrasts the pangs of creativity and the vagaries of genius ...

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