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Kustodiev, picture Merchant in a fur coat, 1920

Kustodiev, picture Merchant in a fur coat, 1920

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The merchant in a fur coat is Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 34x27

Kustodievsky merchant - the artist’s memories of a past life - well-fed, prosperous, stable. A heavy fur coat with a rich collar, an expensive astrakhan hat, and a well-groomed well-groomed beard are not accidental details. Before us is a successful trader, thorough and resourceful. It was these people who were the pillar of Russia, the foundation of its economic prosperity.

The look of the merchant is very energetic and lively, which contrasts with the obese figure of the hero. Extraordinary mobility, sharp mind, grip are felt in the gaze. The appearance of the merchant is deceiving. It is only at first glance that he is awkward, lazy. In commercial matters, his pressure and commercial talent are very active and energetic.

The background of the picture speaks volumes. Shopping arcade, tavern, church. All these are three components of Russian merchant life. Well-fed, powerful Russian land behind the merchant.

Warm fur coat, smoke with a pillar from the restaurant pipe create an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, stability.

It is no accident that the artist actively uses blue and blue colors. They emphasize not only frosty winter weather, but also the author’s nostalgia for the bygone time.

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