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Portrait of the Protodeacon, Repin, 1877

Portrait of the Protodeacon, Repin, 1877

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Ilya Efimovich Repin - Portrait of the Protodeacon. 97.5 x 125.5 cm

Repinsky Protodeacon is both terrible and beautiful. Protodeacon, first of all, the owner of a strong, powerful voice. Looking at the portrait, everyone understands that we have a carrier of thundering bass.

The protodeacon holds his staff, like an ancient warrior his sword. In general, the features of a Slavic pagan priest appear in the guise of a hero. Beard and eyebrows - a classic portrait of Santa Claus from a Russian fairy tale. But his eyes betray the hero's addiction to alcohol, inner emptiness and the most primitive selfishness. External majesty, designed exclusively to create a first impression, is destroyed by internal emptiness and primitiveness. The appearance ceases to be formidable. Before us is more of a comic character, without a certain tragedy.

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