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Madame Tussauds Museum, New York

Madame Tussauds Museum, New York

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The history of these museums begins in Paris in the studio of Dr. Phillip Curtis, a specialist in making wax copies of people. Soon she surpassed the master in the art of making copies, and after the death of Dr. Curtis in 1794, inherited his entire collection. During the French Revolution, in 1802, she had to move to England, as it turned out, forever. Here, on the famous Baker Street in London, and was opened in 1835, the first Madame Tussauds Waxworks.

Times are changing, and now 14 museum branches around the world receive their visitors. In 2000, part of the museum was moved to Las Vegas. The success here was such that soon the same exhibition opened in New York.

The Americans approached the matter, as always, on a grand scale - the 9-story museum building in downtown Manhattan, about 7,500 m2 for exhibits and over 400 wax copies of famous personalities. And, of course, with American characteristics. This is more likely not a museum, but a colorful show, where exhibits and spectators participate.

By the way, among the exhibits there are also living people-artists, because to be afraid - this is one of the hidden desires of man. No wonder so many horror films are released, the characters of which are dedicated to one of the expositions. It is gloomy and scary, and the guide warns: “Be careful! Do not become one of our exhibits. ” After all, here are represented and copies of the real, once existing, villains.

On the top floor, you can participate in the party dedicated to the opening of the museum with the participation of copies of famous Hollywood stars and show business. Other floors are also divided by subject - sports, music, politics, famous people of New York, pop culture, film characters. Here you can slap Obama on the shoulder, take a picture in an embrace with Spider-Man and express everything to Gorbachev. Heavily affected by endless fans of the figure will still soon be replaced.

But with Adolf Hitler, you can’t take a picture. In Berlin, his wax copy was exhibited in 2008 and after a few minutes, poor Fuhrer was torn off his head. Therefore, here, in New York, he is now sitting in deep thought and in splendid isolation under a glass hood, because each copy is not very cheap, which can be seen by visiting the laboratory in the basement where these copies are made.

Recently, a new attraction has appeared in the museum - a 4D film, which tells about the technique of achieving complete similarity of the copy and prototype. Modern 3D technologies combined with 4D effects create a full sensation of wind, sound, smells, snow and other effects. And there is confidence that this is not the limit of the development of such a popular museum as Madame Tussauds, especially if it is located in New York.

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