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Museum of Modern Art in Berlin

Museum of Modern Art in Berlin

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This building is of historical value in itself. With the development of the infrastructure of the city, the station became unnecessary and in 1987 the West Berlin Senate decided to open a museum of modern art in this building. The reason for this was a private art collection donated by construction magnate Erich Max.

In 1990-1996 according to the project of Joseph Paul Kleichus - a famous German architect, the building was reconstructed, and an additional building 80 m long was built near the main hall. In 1996, the museum was opened. The main sponsor and curator of the museum was actually the Prussian Cultural Heritage Fund.

Many expositions here are constantly changing, but there are also permanent exhibits that showcase truly outstanding contemporary artists, such as: Joseph Boyce, Roy Lichtenstein, Anselm Kiefer, Andy Warhol, Richard Long and others. Since 2004, an art collection belonging to Friedrich Christian Flick, grandson of Friedrich Flick, a German industrialist convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal for collaborating with the Nazis, has been presented among the museum’s exhibits. The doubtful origin of this collection still causes an ambiguous attitude towards it.

Be that as it may, and from the part of the collection that was originally provided for temporary use in 2004, as early as 2008, 166 exhibits were donated to the museum, but in general the full collection of Flick is more than 2 thousand paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs of 150 authors.

The impression of the expositions exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art is somewhat ambiguous. Here comes the understanding that the skill of the artist is not always important, sometimes the idea is more important. To some it seems enchanting and fantastic, to others it is pointless and even ugly. An ignorant viewer may think of some works, especially painting, that “such a fool can paint”, but this is not so. He will be able to paint, but only he will not be the author of the idea, and his creation will be a disgusting parody.

One of the most remarkable exhibits is an airplane made of several drainpipes and old galvanized iron, from which bundles of poppy straw stick out from everywhere. It is not clear what the artist wanted to say, but when viewing some other exhibits, this straw is remembered. However, despite this, the Museum of Modern Art is one of the most popular in Berlin, and with the increase in the number of exhibits its popularity only increases.

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