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Charles Dickens Museum in London

Charles Dickens Museum in London

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More recently, this seemingly ordinary old house on Doughty Street was not widely known. it was decided to demolish it, however, as it turned out, it was the only remaining house in London where the great English writer Charles Dickens once lived.

The Dickens Society, which had existed for more than 20 years, was able to buy this building, where the Charles Dickens Museum was organized. For a long time only specialists knew about him, but students of literary faculties. However, interest in the work of the writer has recently begun to grow rapidly, and on the eve of its 200th anniversary very large sums were invested in the renovation and restoration of the museum. The renovated and restored museum opened just a month after the start of work - December 10, 2012.

Restorers have tried to recreate the authentic atmosphere of Dickens House. Here the whole atmosphere and many things are genuine and once belonged to the writer. According to museum staff, the specialists did everything to make the visitor feel that the writer had only been away for a short time and would be back. In this house, Dickens lived with his wife Catherine for less than three years from 1837 to 1839, but it was at that time that one of his best novels, Posthumous Notes of the Pickwick Club, was completed, and the famous Oliver Twist Adventures appeared.

Charles Dickens Museum tried to recreate as a typically English home of a middle-income family of the 19th century, although Dickens himself was always afraid of poverty. Here, a kitchen with all the attributes, a bedroom with a luxurious bed and a canopy, a cozy living room, a dining room with plates on the table are restored. The only difference is that these plates, although in Victorian style, are made with portraits of Dickens himself. On the second floor is his studio where he worked, his wardrobe, his desk and chair, a shaving kit, carefully preserved some manuscripts and the first editions of his books. There are also objects of painting, portraits of the writer, personal items, letters.

And this is not just a house museum - it is the life of old England, a bit of the history of its Victorian era. In the museum halls, in addition to the house museum, paintings of the life of old London are reproduced, in the form in which Dickens saw him, with his gas lamps and stagecoaches. Their models are also on display at the museum. More than one film has already been made based on Dickens' novels, and the museum features scenery, costume models, and interior items used in the filming of these films.

Against the backdrop of a reviving interest in the work of the great English writer, museum workers, historians and restorers, mainly managed to achieve their goals. From a dusty and neglected museum, it has turned into a real landmark of London.

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