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Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

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Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has a large collection of paintings by the famous artist. In addition, here you can get acquainted with 500 of his drawings and written documents related to the life and work of the master, presented in chronological order. In addition to the works of the artist himself, there are paintings by his contemporaries, who also wrote in the spirit of post-impressionism. These are paintings by Gauguin, Monet, Millet, Lermitt, etc.

The museum often hosts exhibitions of paintings. For example, this year, immediately after the reconstruction, the exhibition “Van Gogh at Work” was organized, which demonstrated the basic methods of its work: the choice of colors, the style of painting. Even those who are not keen on painting will not remain indifferent after visiting the museum. The museum building was designed by architect Gerrit Rietveld and looks simple and quite modern. The main goal of the architectural concept and interior is to draw attention not to the museum building itself, but to the masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh exhibited in it.

At the very beginning of the exhibition, viewers can get acquainted with the early period of the artist's life. His paintings are connected with him, dedicated to the hard peasant life and the masterpiece of this period, “Potato Eaters”. In the next room, paintings of the great artist’s Parisian period are exhibited, which in style are completely unlike the heavy and joyless village landscapes. The writing style becomes light and airy, and the canvases are imbued with a joyful mood. Here is the famous painting "View of Montmartre."

The Arlesky Hall will surprise visitors no less than the previous halls. First of all, with its color scheme: orange, yellow, snow-white, peach, turquoise. I immediately recall the words of the famous artist “Life must be sought in color”, which he wrote during this period. Here you can see a very famous picture "Sunflowers", literally filled with the energy of life.

In the last rooms, paintings of the last period of Vincent Van Gogh's life, which he spent in a psychiatric hospital, where he committed suicide, are exhibited. The paintings reflect the confused state of the artist’s soul, expressed in alarming colors and curved shapes.

The Van Gogh Museum in-depth studies the life and work of the artist in a specially created research center, which is located here. In addition to it, the museum has an excellent library where you can get acquainted with the originals of the master’s letters, and in the museum store purchase the latest publications on Van Gogh’s work.

Well, at the end of the article, we are simply obliged to give a link to the biography and paintings of Van Gogh. Read here.

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