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Tirana Kamikaze Museum, Japan

Tirana Kamikaze Museum, Japan

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In Japan, there is kamikaze museum. As the name implies, all museum exhibits are dedicated to Japanese kamikaze pilots who gave their lives for the prosperity of their homeland during the Second World War.

By 1986, the area of ​​the museum became larger. The first director of this museum was also a kamikaze pilot. His name was Tadamas Itatsu. By the will of fate, he remained alive, since all the flights that he made were unsuccessful.

The Kamikaze Museum was created in order to truthfully tell the story of the country's heroes to future generations. The museum has a huge number of things and documents that remained after the soldiers participating in the battle of Okinawa. These are 1036 last letters of pilots, and various photographs. Even the piano was preserved, on which two of the kamikaze performed the Moonlight Beethoven Sonata the day before departure. In addition, the museum has 4 aircraft models that were used in attacks. The museum is in excellent condition. Mitsubishi A6M Zero, which was taken from the bottom of the sea in 1980. Also in the museum you can watch a short video about pilots.

Very close to the Kamikaze Museum is a temple dedicated to the goddess Kannon (this is the goddess of mercy). The place is very remarkable, but the most interesting is that in the temple there is a statue of Yumetigay Kannon. Of course, this is a copy, the original is in the Horyu-ji temple in Nara. The money to build this copy was collected by Tome Torihama. The pilots nicknamed her "mother kamikaze." She owned a diner in which the pilots ate.

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