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Museum of the history of cars in models, Ukraine, Kiev

Museum of the history of cars in models, Ukraine, Kiev

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Each time, considering the historical places of Ukraine, you never cease to be amazed at the abundance of memorial sites of a very different direction. It turns out that there is a very interesting and not like the rest, Museum of the history of cars in models. What do you think? Are there such museums? Yes, there are, and where - in the most beautiful city of Ukraine, Kiev.

The room itself is small in size, it has two exhibition halls in which the expositions are arranged in scale, starting from small sizes and ending with large models. Here, there are up to five thousand different models of manual and serial assembly of cars, starting from the Soviet era. The museum displays car models of famous politicians, film actors, cars from various films. And what a variety of sports, racing, fire models, various urban and construction vehicles.

If you go into the museum building and look around, from the abundance and variety of models of automobile transport, you simply run your eyes. Thank you to the organizers of such a wonderful exhibition of models. Parents with boys (sometimes with girls) come here to admire expositions of rarities and modern car models.

The exposition begins with stands about the beginning of the revival of the automotive industry. Here are the motorized carriage carriages. These are, as it were, the progenitors of automobiles. From rarities there is a model of the first G. Ford car and other series of this brand. In addition to them, models of famous European, Japanese and American brands flaunt on stands. Unfortunately, Russian models are inferior to them in quantity. A good addition to the review of automotive equipment is offered a photo exhibition. Near the stands, you can notice for a long time standing people and discussing something animatedly. Of course, these are ardent fans of a particular brand of car or collectors who presented their models for display back in 1998. Then there were only 500 pieces.

Now there are interesting models of the “papamobile” of the pope, the pink “Cadillac” Elvis Presley, Russo-Balt Nicholas II, the Armored car of Lenin, and even there is President Kennedy’s lincoln. Among other things, there are ZIS Stalin's car models, next to it is a Hitler Mercedes with a Fuhrer figure. A kind of story in cars.

In general, the museum has a lot of car models with figures inside. Such expositions give a more complete picture of the scale. For example, to appreciate the difference between Volkswagen and Rolls-Royce beetle models, fancy Batman or James Bond cars.

The cars from the films “The Godfather” and “The Face with a Scar” look very impressive, next to them their characters perched on them at ease. There are even car models in the form of a coffin from the movie about Dracula, modern models from the movie "Fast and the Furious 3" and others.

The characters from the film “Operation Y” with their car look colorful and colorful. A large exposition of cars of the Volga, Zhiguli, Chaika series, produced during the years of Soviet power, is also presented.

Visit the car museum, you will not regret the lost time!

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