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Madonna of Port Lligat, Salvador Dali, 1949.1950

Madonna of Port Lligat, Salvador Dali, 1949.1950

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Madonna of Port Lligat - Salvador Dali. 1949.1950

Madonna of Port Lligat, Salvador Dali, 1949Madonna of Port Lligat, Salvador Dali, 1950

The war completely turned the mind of the atheist Dali. So in the works, mysticism and Christian motives began to combine in a bizarre manner.

The painter created two versions of the painting The Madonna of Port Lligat (1949, Marketing University, Milwaukee; 1950, Minami Group collection, Tokyo). Dali made a certain prototype of these compositions by the painting by the artist of the era of Pierrot de Francesca “Madonna and Saints and the Duke of Urbino” (1472-1474, Brera Gallery, Milan). The author gives the Mother of God the facial features of her wife Gala. How Pope Pius XII reacted to this is unknown, but he accepted the first version of the work as a gift.

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