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Museum of Fine Arts, USA, Boston

Museum of Fine Arts, USA, Boston

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One of the oldest cities in America - Boston, was founded exactly in 1630, and has already managed to obtain the status of an intellectual, political and technological city. There are several museums in the city, but the most memorable will certainly be the Museum of Fine Arts, which is in the public domain. Most of the exhibits were collected around the world, they were brought to the museum by numerous entrepreneurs and, of course, scientists, and all of them were united, first of all, by love for the public interests.

The history of the Museum of Fine Arts originated long before its first day of official opening. From the very beginning, the ordinary building of the Boston Athenaeum was built in the city, it was made in the Neo-Gothic style, and by 1807 a library was opened in the building. Since 1826, various kinds of art exhibitions began to be held in the building, and the library was able to obtain a secret status - the museum of the city of Boston. All this went on for quite some time, until in the end one very initiative group of Bostonians suddenly proposed to try to create a special separate city center, which could also be used for various artistic directions. Well, the rapidly expanding functions of the Athenaeum were supposed to be reduced to the standard use of library functions already in scientific quality. This idea was soon approved, and on February 4, 1870, the corporation was successfully founded, which was named Museum of Fine Arts.

The first museum building was built on the southern part of Copley Square on land. Also noteworthy is the fact that the square was named after the artist - Singleton Copley, a native of Boston. The construction of this building was made by John Sturgis, an architect.

Today, the Museum of Fine Arts received the title of the largest multidisciplinary complex. The museum fund also has more than one million exhibits of applied and fine art. Among most American museums, he takes second place after the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is located in New York. But, nevertheless, some indicators still allow the Museum of Fine Arts to be the best among all the rest of the world.

The museum has the most extensive collection of paintings by Claude Monet, which is located outside of Paris. It also houses a very large number of exhibits of art of the Ancient East, especially various Egyptian collections. And, of course, the collection, representing the most beautiful Japanese ceramics, which was collected by Edward Morse, is simply unparalleled. The paintings of the French impressionists Manet, Cezanne, Renoir, Van Gogh, Gauguin are presented.

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