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Kiev Aviation Museum - museum exhibits description, Kiev

Kiev Aviation Museum - museum exhibits description, Kiev

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In 2003 an aviation museum was opened in Kiev. Also in the museum are exhibits of air defense. It is important to note that more and more exhibits written off from the register of various airfields are constantly arriving at the museum. At first glance, this museum seems to be some kind of training ground where you can find absolutely everything: from passenger sides, to air defense missiles.

At the entrance to the museum, visitors are greeted TU-104. The uniqueness of this exhibit lies in its number 001. Until 1958, this aircraft served for the good of the motherland, after which it was transferred to research and training for NAU students. The cabin of this aircraft is also unique in its own way, since it has the first VIP seats in which government officials of that time were sitting. But TU-104 is not the only aircraft with a unique number; there are also IL-18 and IL-86 with board numbers 01.01. The most interesting thing is that the administration of the museum was sent thanks from the design bureau for the preservation, in their opinion, of the destroyed side.

The military equipment located on the territory of the museum is especially breathtaking. Nowadays, she’s just peacefully standing on the lawn, and it’s so hard to imagine that once she struck with her own strength and simply plunged into fear her abilities. For example, the MIG-25 fighter, to this day, has secured an altitude record of thirty-seven kilometers. As it has recently become clear, the Kiev Aviation Museum presents a one-of-a-kind collection of TU-22 series fighters that were capable of launching a nuclear attack. Near the sides, the Kh-22 missiles, which are capable of destroying an entire city in a matter of seconds, amaze with their grandeur. In addition to ordinary sightseers, the museum is also visited by people whose fates were directly related to this technique. At one of the museum’s sites is a plane that was used in the filming of the legendary film “Only Old Men Go into Battle”.

It may sound strange, but there are very few exhibits from the Kiev Antonov Design Bureau in the Kiev Museum of Aircraft Engineering. There are only three of them in the collection, which includes the famous "Corncob". Soon the museum expects a new replenishment of five sides, among which there will be a giant Ruslan aircraft.

Unlike the rest of the museum, all exhibits can be touched and photographed with them. The only thing in order to make a memorable photo, you will need to pay five hryvnia, but such a memory is worth it. There is an opportunity to even visit some cars and inspect them from the inside, but again, an additional fee of five hryvnias is charged for this.

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