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Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

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One of the most important places of culture of the whole Transcarpathian region is Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum. It is about this wonderful museum that we will be discussing in this article.

History of the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum

The Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum, though not a long, but very rich history. The idea of ​​creation and its implementation was implemented by the People’s Council of Transcarpathian Ukraine, which on June 20, 1945 issued a decree in which it established the appearance of the museum. This date is considered the official opening date of the museum. At the same time, a place was allocated for the museum in Uzhgorod Castle, where after 3 years he had already opened the doors to visitors. The museum was loved by absolutely everyone. A year later, it was decided to move the museum to the city center. The building, which is one of the architectural monuments built in 1809, was chosen as the site for the new museum. This place has long been the building of the City Hall, and in 1990 the museum was renamed and given the name of J. Y. Bokshay, who was a corresponding member of the Academy of Arts.

A bit about museum exhibits

Museum exhibits are quite diverse, but their base is taken from the collection of the Zemsky art gallery. To date, the museum already has more than 5 thousand exhibits that fully cover all the creations of the most famous artists of Transcarpathia. A special pride of the museum is icon-painting works dating from the XVII - XVIII centuries, which are not only very highly valued by artists, but also have an extremely high cost among collectors. Also, the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum boasts paintings by many very famous foreign artists such as Jacopo Palma, Lambert Lombard, Vernet Claude Joseph, Albane Francesco and Cornelis Bega. One cannot but mention the collection of Hungarian canvases, and the dates of these creations date back to the 18th century. Their authors are Torma Janos, Medniansky Laszlo and Aba-Novak. The museum also has paintings by unknown artists, which are very popular - this is the “Genre scene against the backdrop of the city landscape” and “The reception of ambassadors”.

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