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Museum of Sewerage, France, Paris

Museum of Sewerage, France, Paris

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Those wishing to go to Paris are primarily attracted by the famous Eiffel Tower, however. not many people know that the city is famous for other attractions, and one of them will be discussed in our article.

Paris Museum of Sewers - an amazing place, showing visitors the story of the creation of sewer pipes in Paris. You have the opportunity to look at the development of the city’s sewer routes, starting with the first sewer system built in 1370 and ending with modern canals with a length of over 2200 km. Of course, an excursion to the museum does not mean wandering through all the drainpipes of Paris - there are specially equipped halls in which exhibits of the sewage museum are exhibited. The exhibits are not only the existing sewer system of the city, but also various equipment that is used to maintain the normal operability of sewer pipes. The site, which acts as a museum, is equipped with an additional ventilation system and bright lighting. Halls for visitors do not give a real idea of ​​the complexity of working in sewer canals, however, in some places the natural smell of running water still blows. The sewer system of Paris exactly repeats the city plan - the tunnels expand under wide streets and narrow under narrow alleys. In addition, in the tunnels, on every corner, you can find signs indicating the street under which it passes.

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Sketchy Paris Sewerage System acts as a museum, starting in 1867, after all, this year the first familiarization tour of the sewage system dates. From 1890 to 1920, excursions through the sewer pipes of Paris were carried out on a special train. However, for technical reasons, I had to abandon this idea and use a boat as the transport, which remained the only mode of transport in the sewers of Paris, until 1975. At the moment, only walking tours are allowed in the Paris Sewer Museum.

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