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Uivengo Park, John Constable, 1816

Uivengo Park, John Constable, 1816

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Uivengo Park - John Constable. 56.1x101.2

The work of Constable eo largely determined the development of the English realistic landscape. Her paintings are very poetic - the Constable sincerely admired the village life.

"Uyivengo Park" - an English landscape park two centuries ago - for the artist, a kind of "paradise on earth". The canvas was ordered by the family of General Ribow, they also asked to write the whole park. The hosts' desire to capture as much as possible explains the unusual panorama for the Constable.

He wrote a typical English noon, a bright sun breaks through the clouds - the transmission of a light-air environment has always attracted the master. The constable showed the infinite variety of nature and the amazing beauty of flickering, sparkling light falling on grass, leaves and a pond and enhancing the intensity of the sound of colorful overflows.

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