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Customs House at Varanzheville, Claude Monet, 1882

Customs House at Varanzheville, Claude Monet, 1882

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Customs House in Varanzheville - Claude Monet. 1882

One of the masterpieces of French painting of the late XIX century is Claude Monet's painting “Customs Officer's House in Varanzheville”. Looking at the picture, you can feel the almost physical sensation of warmth from the earth heated by the sun, it is easy to guess the smell of dried grass and the sea. Monet “simply” with the greatest accuracy captures what he sees, but his picture conveys a complex, rich gamut of impressions that are familiar to everyone. She breathes such an immutable truth and fullness of life that she is perceived as a revelation.

Monet was the head of the Impressionist movement, however, even if his goal, in accordance with the principles of this direction, was to convey a transient, random impression of reality, then in fact his work resulted in something incomparably greater. It reveals before us the life of nature and our own life, our attitude towards nature.

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