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Axel Munte House Museum, Italy

Axel Munte House Museum, Italy

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Modern Axel Munte House Museum It is very popular among tourists around the world. The creator filled his museum with many interesting exhibits.

All exhibits were collected by the owner of the villa over the years. The collections presented to visitors are of historical value and will be of interest to every guest of this amazing house resembling the palace of one of the emperors.

The owner of the house-museum is an unusual and interesting person. He was a talented doctor who treated many noble people. The goodness and disinterestedness of Munte is evidenced by the fact that he treated poor people absolutely free. Axel Munte He was not only a good doctor, but also an excellent writer. His book, in which he talks about the construction of his villa, has become one of the most widely read books in the world.

The place of construction of the house-museum is also noteworthy, on this site the palace of the emperor was previously built. Some interesting objects presented in the collections of the museum were found during its construction.

A large number of exhibits presented in the museum were donated by Axel to patients in gratitude for the treatment. Some items from the collected collections were purchased from other collectors. Munta managed to collect a huge collection of exhibits, which includes many items from different eras.

Having visited Axel Munte's house-museum, every tourist will definitely pay attention to the sculpture of the Egyptian sphinx made of pink marble. The museum also presents many other unique exhibits that will leave an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

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