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Museum of Printing, Russia, St. Petersburg

Museum of Printing, Russia, St. Petersburg

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Petersburg Museum of Printing exist since 1984, but then it was called Lenin and the newspaper Pravda. The museum is very young, but there are enough visitors.

The Press Museum is located in the house in which the editorial offices of the newspapers Rus and the Village Messenger were located.

The museum has a fairly large room in which exhibitions are held. One of the most popular is an exhibition about the history of printing in St. Petersburg. The exhibition hall is peculiarly decorated and resembles a library. Here you will find various books that were published by the first printed publications, as well as many interesting things related to printing.

Another most popular print museum exhibition - This is an exhibition about how a newspaper is created. Visitors can see the whole process of creating a newspaper from and to. This exhibition occupies most of the museum.

The museum has recreated almost all of the old interiors and workrooms. Visiting the Museum of Printing, you can see various stationery, antique furniture of the 20th century, copies of printed materials. You can also find collections of unique printing equipment, various presses and printing machines.

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