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Biography and paintings of Salvador Dali

Biography and paintings of Salvador Dali

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Great and extraordinary man Salvador Dali was born in Spain in the city of Figueres in 1904 on May 11. Many believe that Dali was named after his father, but this is not entirely true. Although the father and son had the same names, the younger Salvador Dali was named in memory of his brother, who died before he was two years old. This worried the future artist, since he felt like a double, some kind of echo of the past. Salvador had a sister who was born in 1908.

The childhood of Salvador Dali

Dali studied very poorly, was spoiled and restless, although he had the ability to draw in childhood. The first teacher of El Salvador was Ramon Picot. At the age of 14, his paintings were on display in Figueres.

In 1921, Salvador Dali left for Madrid and entered the Academy of Fine Arts there. He did not like studying. He believed that he himself could teach his teachers the art of drawing. He remained in Madrid only because he was interested in communicating with his comrades. There he met Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel.

Studying at the Academy

In 1924, Dali was expelled from the academy for misconduct. Returning there a year later, he was again expelled in 1926 without the right to restoration. The case that entailed this situation was simply astounding. At one of the exams, the professor asked the Academy to name the 3 greatest artists in the world. Dali replied that he would not answer such questions, because not a single teacher from the academy had the right to be his judge. Dali was too contemptuous of the teachers.

And by this time, Salvador Dali already had his own exhibition, which was visited by Pablo Picasso himself. It was a catalyst for dating artists.

Close communication of Salvador Dali with Bunuel resulted in a film called “Andalusian dog”, which had a surrealistic bias. In 1929, Dali officially became a surrealist.

How Dali gained muse

In 1929, Dali found his muse. She became Gala Eluard. It is she who is depicted in many paintings by Salvador Dali. A serious passion arose between them, and Gala left her husband to be with Dali. At the time of meeting his beloved, Dali lived in Cadaqués, where he bought a hut without any special amenities. With the help of Gala Dali, it was possible to organize several excellent exhibitions that were in cities such as Barcelona, ​​London, New York.

In 1936 there was a very tragicomic moment. At one of his exhibitions in London Dali decided to give a lecture in a diver costume. Soon he began to choke. Actively gesturing with his hands, he asked to remove his helmet. The public took this as a joke, and nothing happened.

By 1937, when Dali had already visited Italy, the style of his work had changed significantly. The works of the masters of the Renaissance have already influenced too much. Dali expelled from the society of surrealists.

During the Second World War, Dali left for the USA, where he was recognizable, and quickly achieved success. In 1941, the US Museum of Modern Art opened its doors to his personal exhibition. Having written his autobiography in 1942, Dali felt that he was really famous, since the book was sold very quickly. In 1946, Dali collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock. Of course, looking at the success of his former comrade, Andre Breton could not miss the chance to write an article in which he humiliated Dali - “Salvador Dali - Avida Dollars” (“Rowing dollars”).

In 1948, Salvador Dali returned to Europe and settled in Port Lligat, leaving from there to Paris, then back to New York.

Dali was a very famous person. He did almost everything and was successful. All of his exhibitions can not be counted, but the most memorable exhibition in the Tate Gallery, which was visited by about 250 million people, which cannot but impress.

Salvador Dali died in 1989 on January 23 after the death of Gala, who died in 1982. Be sure to visit our partner site, which also has paintings by Salvador Dali. You can choose and order some of his work for yourself.

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