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Museum of Smoking, Indonesia, Kudus

Museum of Smoking, Indonesia, Kudus

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The inhalation of smoke from burning plants has a very ancient history, and was originally an element of magical rituals. Smoking and, in particular, tobacco smoking was the destiny of the elite, but with the spread of tobacco throughout the world and the tobacco smoking industry, the inhalation of tobacco smoke from a magical ritual turned into a bad habit, addictive and addictive.

Quitting smoking is nicotine withdrawal, causes negative manifestations in the body and is experienced more strongly than quitting, for example, heroin. Thanks to the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle, smoking today is considered dangerous and equates to a mild form of addiction.

However, the remnants of the past are still quite strong in the minds of people, for example, the people of Indonesia are still convinced that smoking enlightens the mind, calms the nerves and introduces people to higher magical spheres. In order to promote this point of view, the Indonesian city of Kudus operates smoking museum.

Various exhibits are collected in this museum: these are copies of old engravings and paintings devoted to smoking, samples of smoking accessories - pipes, mouthpieces, hookahs, incense burners, tobacco pouches, caskets for pipe and snuff tobacco - snuff boxes, cigar rolling and cutting machines, appliances for stuffing cigarettes.

At the museum of smoking various samples of cigars, cigarettes, cigars and cigarettes are also presented. On the stands and prints of the museum exhibited samples of tobacco of different varieties, chewing tobacco tiles, various tobacco blends. The diagrams and mock-ups show the process of growing tobacco leaf, collecting, fermenting, drying and processing it.

Museum of Smoking in Kudus under the influence of anti-nicotine propaganda, it was closed for a while, but it resumed its work in 2007. Now in the museum of smoking you can try different varieties of tobacco and purchase accessories for smoking. In addition, you can conclude contracts for the supply of tobacco, cigars and cigarettes directly with farms - manufacturers of tobacco products. The Museum of Smoking can be attributed to one of the most exotic museums in the world. A similar museum exists in Paris.

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