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Museum of Torture, The Hague

Museum of Torture, The Hague

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Not sure what to do with yourself? The Hague Museum of Torture - one of the most popular places for tourists. People always liked unusual museums, but what could be more unusual than a museum of torture?

The museum is located in an ancient building, before there was a prison. Just think, the real place where criminals from all over the state were tortured. Their moans are still heard there. What is most impressive is not the instruments of torture themselves, but the atmosphere of the building. It is simply unthinkable to feel such feelings. It is there that you will see how sophisticated the human brain is in terms of causing pain and suffering. Many do not even suggest that such things could have been created.

Since the museum is open until eleven o’clock in the evening, it’s best to arrive there at nine o’clock - so you will enjoy the mystical side of this tourism ... Since this museum has more than one hall, we can say with confidence that the tour will take no one hour, but believe me, you won’t notice how that time flies. Among the exciting realities of the past, involuntarily, joy arises that these times are long gone and we can only see their remnants. Happy visit.

Watch the video: Memories vivid at Iraq torture centre turned museum (July 2022).


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