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Portrait of actress Antonia Zarate, Francisco de Goya

Portrait of actress Antonia Zarate, Francisco de Goya

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Portrait of actress Antonia Zarate - Francisco de Goya. 71x58

The Spanish painter and engraver Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) is one of the first and most prominent artists of the romantic era. As a court painter of the king, he repeatedly painted portraits of the crowned family and the highest aristocracy. The only picture of Goya’s work in Russia is in the Hermitage’s collection.

In the chest portrait, the master depicted actress Anthony Zarate in a white turban decorated with the moon, she is probably represented in one of the roles. An anxious look of tired dark eyes attracts the attention of the viewer. Cold light emphasizes the pallor of a beautiful face, framed by thick curls. He lights up a light silver dress and a light scarf of the actress, plays with highlights on a cloak thrown over his shoulders with ermine fur. The portrait was painted shortly before the death of Anthony Zarate, who died of tuberculosis.

This work is one of the best portraits of the era of romanticism in the mood and nature of the transmission of the internal state of man.

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