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Mahi on the balcony, Francisco Goya

Mahi on the balcony, Francisco Goya

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Mahi on the balcony - Francisco Goya. 194.9x125.7

To the image Mahi, girls from the very midst of life, a typical Spanish woman, Francisco Goya (1746-1828), in whose painting realism and the tart taste of his fantasies were combined, he returned more than once. In this picture, the artist depicted two young beauties in national costumes - the mahs wore them in contrast to the French fashion accepted in the upper layers of Spanish society - and two machos, their gentlemen.

The girls' outfits are painted in white, gold and pearl gray, their faces are given in warm colors, and this delicate, iridescent painting looks even more attractive against a dark background. The virgins sitting on the balcony, reminiscent of birds in a cage, are a plot typical of a contemporary artist in Spanish life. But in his interpretation, Goya made an alarming note, depicting in the background dark-dressed men who put their hats over their eyes and wrap themselves in cloaks. These figures are written almost silhouettely, they merge with the dusk surrounding them and are perceived as shadows guarding a lovely youth. But the mahs seem to be in a conspiracy with their guards - these seductresses smile too conspiratorially, as if luring those who are attracted by their beauty into the darkness that swirls behind them. This painting, still drunk with light, already portends Goya's later work full of tragedy.

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