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Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich - biography and paintings

Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich - biography and paintings

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The future great Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky received this name at baptism. It was with his help that Aivazovsky was first accepted to the gymnasium in Simferopol, and then to the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. In St. Petersburg, Aivazovsky quickly became his own: talking with Bryullov, Glinka, Krylov.

The fate of Aivazovsky was the sea. The artist wrote the first sea studies in the Academy, some of them were awarded. But the biography of the Russian artist, perhaps, would be completely different if in 1838 Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky would not have gone to Crimea for two years. At this time, Aivazovsky met with the future sea heroes of Russia - Nakhimov, Lazarev, Kornilov. Acquaintance leaves its mark on creativity: now it’s not just sea etudes, but battle paintings.

In 1840, Aivazovsky went abroad, where he worked so fruitfully, so brightly reveals his talent that he is awarded the gold medal of the French Academy of Art and becomes a holder of the Order of the Legion of Honor.

In 1844, Aivazovsky returned to Russia and became an academician. However, the life of St. Petersburg was not to their liking, therefore, having married Julia Grevs, the artist bought a plot of land in Feodosia and moved there. Four daughters were born in this marriage, but after 11 years the couple divorced.

For Feodosia, Aivazovsky became not only a symbol, but also a real father: with his participation, a port, a railway were built, the problem of supplying the city with drinking water was solved. Aivazovsky died in 1900, surrounded by family and friends.

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