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Portrait of Eugenia Martinez Vallejo (la Monster), Juan Carreño de Miranda

Portrait of Eugenia Martinez Vallejo (la Monster), Juan Carreño de Miranda

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Portrait of Eugenia Martinez Vallejo (la Monster) - Juan Carreño de Miranda. 165x107

The artist studied at the work of Velazquez, copied them, also experienced the influence of Titian, Rubens and Van Dyck, from whom he adopted the volume of forms, the ease of drawing, the brightness of colors, golden lighting. Due to its origin, the master well understood the backstage structure and psychology of the royal court. From 1669 he was a court painter, with a 1671-person painter of the king.

On the subject, this painting, commissioned by the painter Charles II himself, resembles the work of the series “Dwarfs” by Diego Velazquez. The fat girl due to the disease was captured by the artist in a patterned dress. There is an image of Eugenia in the form of Bacchus - without clothes, with a wreath on his head. The child, nicknamed the monster, was shown at fairs.

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