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Lot with his daughters, Giovanni Francesco Gverrieri, 1617

Lot with his daughters, Giovanni Francesco Gverrieri, 1617

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Lot with his daughters - Giovanni Francesco Gverrieri. 145x165

The influence of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio on European painting gave rise to a whole direction called "caravagism", one of which was Guerrieri (1589-1657).

The picture depicts an episode from life Lot after he left Sodom, which was destroyed by God with the inhabitants for the iniquity of those. The action takes place in a cave where the righteous settled with two daughters. One of the daughters brings his father a cup of wine, the other secretly looks at what is happening.

The scene is taken out of the darkness by the fire of a lamp. Caravaggio often resorted to the use of magical lighting, often originating from an invisible and incomprehensible source. The artist’s followers, who adopted his technique of contrasting chiaroscuro, often depicted a candle or, in this case, a lamp. Therefore, if Caravaggio has a worrying mood on the canvases, then many caravaggists and Guerrieri, among them, achieved the exact opposite effect: comfort, warmth of the depicted. A sense of the mystery of what is happening, which required the plot, fills this work.

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