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Spring (Venus Toilet), Francesco Albany

Spring (Venus Toilet), Francesco Albany

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Spring (Venus Toilet) - Francesco Albani. Diameter 154

A pupil of the Bologna Academy, in which great attention was paid to the revival of the ancient heritage, Albany (1578-1660) often turned to mythological subjects. He interpreted them in a gaming manner.

In this case, the artist took the plot, which was popular among European painters, it is enough to recall Titian, Rubens and Velazquez. This is about Venus in front of the mirrorheld by Cupid. Albany portrayed the goddess of love preening with the help of nymphs, one of whom puts on her jewelry. The author placed the scene in the bosom of nature with shady trees, light glades, a transparent source and blue mountainous distances. Cupids frolic around, one of them picks apples from a tree and throws the rest, which recalls the mythological court of Paris, which gave the apple to Venus, the most beautiful of the goddesses.

Tondo, that is, a round-shaped picture, Albany carries the features of decorative painting. This is facilitated by a light plot, which allowed to depict a simple pleasant scene, and a single color scheme with the finest shades of colors, which makes the work look like a tapestry. The canvas is an example of early classicism, when the forms had not yet frozen, and the images were lively and aroused sincere sympathy.

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