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Portrait of a Man, Antonello da Messina

Portrait of a Man, Antonello da Messina

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Male portrait - Antonello da Messina. 31x25,2

A Sicilian artist who worked in Venice and continued the tradition of her art, Antonello da Messina (circa 1430-1479) studied painting in the Netherlands, combining the features of the Venetian and Northern Renaissance in his work.

The dark background of the picture, from which the face of the depicted, a delicate psychologism and the desire not to retreat one iota from life's truth when working on the image of a person, are features of Dutch portraiture. The artist captured the Venetian patrician with a lively and intelligent face, cunning, he looks at the viewer with a squint and grin lurking in the eyes and corners of his mouth. At the same time, the portrait is somewhat idealized, the man looks estranged from worldly fuss, internally elevated above her, and greatness is read in his appearance. All this was inherent in the painting of the Italian Renaissance, when, creating a portrait of a man, the creators sought to put the depicted on a pedestal, to look at him through the eyes of eternity.

The rich colors of the picture are explained by the fact that the artist used the technique of oil painting, borrowed from the Dutch masters.

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