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Adoration of the Infant Christ, Pellegrino Tybaldi, 1548

Adoration of the Infant Christ, Pellegrino Tybaldi, 1548

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Adoration of the Infant Christ - Pellegrino Tybaldi. 159x106

The painting of the Bologna artist Tybaldi (1527-1596), who worked in different cities of Italy, was marked by the influence of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Mannerists, which was reflected in this picture.

The Mother of God on her resembles Madonna Leonardo both in appearance and in the fact that She exists here as if in a different dimension than the other participants in the scene. Maria is immersed in herself and does not seem to notice what is happening around. Therefore, despite the fact that the composition is extremely compacted, there is free space around the Madonna. Worshiping the Baby recalls the characters of the painted Sistine Chapel in the characters of Michelangelo. Their power and complex poses attracted Tybaldi in the first place, because it made it possible to endow the canvas with expression, which was already a mannerism.

The combination of so different artists of the High Renaissance in one painting of painting styles was a feature of the time when the great era was already becoming history.

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