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Port at Honfleur, Albert Marche, 1911

Port at Honfleur, Albert Marche, 1911

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Honfleur Port - Albert Marche. 65x81

The works of Albert Marche, unlike the paintings of other Fauvists, seem surprisingly simple, restrained in color, almost not subject to deformations of nature. However, if Marche did not go through Fauvist hobbies, he would hardly have achieved such expressive conciseness of color and compositional solutions. In his landscapes, the artist managed to discover the harmony of an endless world, express love for life. Like the impressionists, Marche liked to write at different times of the year. Pure colors, graphic contours give his paintings increased dynamism of perception. Despite the fact that the angles in his works often seem to be chosen by chance, Marche never clarifies that the picture was painted from the windows of the workshop - there are no details that speak of this: neither the window frame, nor the balcony.

The cheerfulness of nature perception is inherent in the painting “Port in Honfleur”. Unrestricted, free, almost sketchy drawing, simplifying and generalizing the form, bright blue and silver-pearl colors do not allow the look to break away from the contemplation of the canvas. With the help of several bright strokes - fluttering multi-colored flags, a swollen sail on a boat - the artist manages to convey a sunny windy day, the poetry of the provincial life of the coastal town.

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