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Portrait of Count Giovanni Baptiste Vailletti, Fra Galgario

Portrait of Count Giovanni Baptiste Vailletti, Fra Galgario

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Portrait of Count Giovanni Baptiste Vailletti - Fra Galgario. 226x137

The real name of the artist who took over the craft of his father is Giuseppe Gislandi (1655-1743). Serious lessons in craftsmanship were taught to him by Sebastiano Bombelli, the official portrait painter of the city nobility. It was thanks to him that Galgario received not only a circle of customers, capturing the patricians, but during his stay in Lombardy and the Milan aristocracy, but also adopted the art of depicting a spectacular gesture, a wonderful ceremonial colorism, especially in the interpretation of costumes. In Venice, he received tonsure at the monastery of St. Francis ("fra" - "brother"), and returning to his homeland in 1702 he entered the monastery in Galgario. The asceticism of his life led to the choice of mostly male models in which he always found acutely individual features, thus creating a gallery of representatives of the Enlightenment.

The craftsmanship with which the burning brightness of the colors of the grandee’s luxuriously embroidered robes is conveyed, the calm dignity of the count’s posture and the restrained energy of his gaze make "Portrait of Count Giovanni Baptiste Vailletti" a masterpiece of world painting.

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