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Painting "Mina Moses", Kramskoy - portrait description


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Mina Moiseev - Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy. 57x45

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy is one of the ideologists and founders of the famous Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. This association considered the main objective of its activity to be drawing public attention to the “ulcers of modernity”, the cruelty and injustice of those in power, and the disempowerment of those oppressed by painting means.

The pathos of civil service to the interests of a simple, uneducated people permeates the period from 1860 to the 1890s. The hero of numerous works by N. A. Nekrasov, I. S. Turgenev, M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin became a simple Russian peasant who conceals in his unprepossessing appearance the true strength of the spirit of the nation.

In a good-naturedly crafty expression of a face dotted with wrinkles of peasant adversity Mines Moiseyev Kramskoy reveals the hidden power of the country and the Russian people, who, if necessary, always “straighten their shoulders” and go to war, riots and revolutions.

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