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Painting "Siberia", Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - description


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Siberia - Apollinar Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 107 x 178 cm

Apollinaris Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - the brother of Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov, is a unique example of a self-taught painter. Having not received a systematic art education, he fell into the friendly atmosphere of the Mamontov Abramtsevo family estate near Moscow. Surrounding him, I. E. Repin, V. D. Polenov, V. A. Serov, I. S. Ostroukhov and other masters of that time contributed to the development of artistic talent.

After repeated trips to the North and the Urals, the painter conceived a series of works that would reflect the greatness of the Russian lands and spoke in full detail about the features of the natural landscapes of different parts.

The painting "Siberia" full of epic sound and scope. In a generalized landscape image, the artist presented the viewer a real Russia, rich in its lands. The blue of the sky, which goes into the distance, emphasizes the panoramic view and all-encompassing view. Hills, moss-covered stones, low trees - in a word, everything tells about the nature of the vegetation of these lands with severe winters. Vasnetsov introduces dynamics into the compositional solution by the figure of a rider who is rapidly jumping and leaving behind clubs of road dust.

A few rough colors, a very simplified, typical drawing distinguish the artist’s pictorial style.

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