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“Dessert”, Willem Kalf - description of the painting

“Dessert”, Willem Kalf - description of the painting

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Dessert - Willem Kalf. 105x87.5

The "dessert" of the Dutch artist Willem Kalf is a fine example of a rich, elegant and colorful still life, which reflected the desire of the wealthy burgher class for luxury and pomp. In the picture, the invisible presence of a person is felt - the owner of the depicted things.

Composition "Dessert" quite traditional: on the table are two glasses, a small jug and an earthenware plate with fresh fruits. The table is covered with expensive velvet carpet, a gilded goblet on it is a finely crafted piece of jewelry. Kalf skillfully conveys the subtlety of the glass of the glass and glare on a silver plate. Fruits are written with love, the texture of the glossy uneven crust of the cut lemon, its juicy flesh, is highlighted. Bright colors and shades of fruit give the canvas a colorful sound, separating it from other works. Kalf, thanks to his unique pictorial abilities, significantly expanded the illusionary possibilities of still life painting and reflected the tastes of the aristocracy of the second half of the 17th century.

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