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“Perseus and Andromeda”, Anton Rafael Mengs - description of the painting

“Perseus and Andromeda”, Anton Rafael Mengs - description of the painting

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Perseus and Andromeda - Anton Rafael Mengs. 227x153.5

Anton Rafael Mengs, the largest German representative of neoclassicism of the 18th century, turned to the ancient heritage to search for perfect art forms. He worshiped antique sculpture and often quoted the best marble samples of ancient art on canvas. The plot of the picture, borrowed from Greek mythology, tells of the feat of Perseus and the rescue of Andromeda from the monster, to whom it was to be sacrificed. The image of the hero resembles a statue of Apollo Belvedere, the pose of Andromeda is written off from the ancient relief. The work gives rise to associations with a clearly staged theater stage, where each character froze in a certain pose.

The fate of the canvas is interesting: written in Italy, it was sent to the customer in England, but the ship was captured by pirates. They resold the work to the French naval minister, and already from him the painting fell into the collection of Catherine II and now adorns the hall of German art in the Hermitage.

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