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Fight of the peasants at the game of cards, Adrian Brower

Fight of the peasants at the game of cards, Adrian Brower

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Fight of the peasants at the game of cards - Adrian Brower. 26.5x34.5

Adrian Browver (1606-1638), a student of Frans Gals, was one of the most original creators in Flemish art. The artist wrote genre scenes from peasant life, folk dances, card players, smokers, brazhniki and fights. He was particularly interested in the feelings, expression and facial expressions of the characters. Brower's paintings are vivid and inventive in design. Some of his canvases can cause thoughts of a caricature. However, upon careful examination, it becomes clear that this is only a reproduction of everyday situations brought to great accuracy. In the paintings of the master there is no deliberate condemnation of the heroes through ridicule. He simply wrote the life around him. Contemporaries did not appreciate the painter, he always felt great need. Subsequent generations for a long time perceived Brower mainly as a humorous artist, but rather it was a tragic figure.

Card Quarrel - one of Brower's favorite stories. The action takes place in a typical tavern with its wretched patrons, poor environment. However, in order to portray poverty in such a way, the master obviously needed to have a rich artistic imagination.

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