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Virgin Lady, Jan Vermeer - description of the painting

Virgin Lady, Jan Vermeer - description of the painting

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Lady at Virgin - Jan Vermeer Delft. 51.8x45.2

Jan Vermeer Delft - the largest master of Dutch painting, the greatest representative of the golden age of Dutch art.

The National Gallery stores two paintings by the artist, both with musical, and specifically with clavier plots. The works depict a young woman behind a virgin and, in addition to the stage of playing music, contain a certain allegorical meaning: a love theme is traced in their substantial context.

The painting depicts a room with two paintings hanging on the wall. On one is Cupid holding a playing card (according to experts of the Gallery) or a letter (and then, of course, it is love). Vermeer's paired painting as a decoration of the shown interior also has a pictorial work. As it was established, the master reproduced “The Collection” of Dirk van Baburen (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), thus again touched on this topic.

Documentary evidence of the circumstances and time of the creation of the canvas, like most of Vermeer's works, has not been preserved. His dating is based on the stylistic features of the artist’s writing.

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