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Museum of Water in St. Petersburg

Museum of Water in St. Petersburg

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One of the newest museums in St. Petersburg is an interesting "Museum of Water”, Which is located within the walls of the waterworks. It is not easy to climb to the highest floors of the tower, especially for people with disabilities, as well as for older people. Especially for this they built an elevator.

The museum stands in front of the entrance monument to the water carrierwhich is made of bronze. It was installed in 2003, and is dedicated to the opening of the museum. Museum guides will tell you about the history of water, its power and use in ancient civilizations. Very vividly in the "Museum of Water" it is told about the creation of a water utility, not much information about the Neva.

The museum can be visited both on weekdays and on weekends, independently and with guides. It will be more interesting if they tell you everything in detail about each exhibit, but there are also lovers to walk alone.

At the Museum of Water in St. Petersburg Three main expositions are presented: a multimedia complex, an exhibition hall and a historical exposition.

Multimedia complex It is a model of the city center (scale 1: 450), which was made by order of the Institute of Architecture. The price will probably hit you - 3 million rubles. This layout is very well made, and when visitors include an 11-minute film that talks about water, its significance in the world and nature, the layout begins to burn and illuminate with beautiful bright lights. After the film, you will already know where the water used by people goes, find out what the “sewer collector” is, and look at the cave where ghosts and bats live.

Historical exposition consists of separate stages that tell about the importance of water for humans in antiquity, about the water supply of St. Petersburg in 1703-1858. , the development of the central sewerage in the city, also covers the Second World War, then the development of water supply in the post-war years, talks about the water utility of St. Petersburg and the water utility of Petro-Leningrad.

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