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Toy Museum in Sergiev Posad, Russia

Toy Museum in Sergiev Posad, Russia

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We all come from childhood, and how sometimes we want to return to it. It’s possible, and it’s not necessary for this at all - to come to Sergiev Posad, and go to unique toy museum.

How do you sometimes want to again become a little girl with mischievous pigtails, and return at a time when the sky was bluer and the trees higher. The only one in the country art and pedagogical museum of toys can give anyone the opportunity to return to childhood at least for a minute. What is most interesting, you can play with the exhibits of the museum.

The museum was founded in 1918 by Nikolai Dmitrievich Bartram. He himself began to assemble his collection of toys back in 1910. In the museum you will find various dolls from the Soviet era to the present day, from vanity stands to Barbie dolls. The museum's collection is simply huge, so there are so many visitors. In attendance, the toy museum is second only to the Tretyakov Gallery.

Since 1980, toy museum is located in the building of the former commercial schoolOn the contrary, the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. Until 1931, the museum was located in the city of Zagorsk, and since the foundation of the museum it was in Moscow.

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